Our Partners/Sponsors

The Photo Fair benefits from the support of numerous partners. A complete list will be published in a few weeks’ time.

The town of Bièvres occupies a place of honour.

logo bievres newBièvres

Located a few minutes’ drive outside of Paris by Highway 118 or, by public transit, on the RER C line between Paris and Versailles, Bièvres remains a charming village located at the junction of two rivers, the Sygrie and the Bièvre, from which its name is derived. (Bièvre in Celtic means beaver, and the animal appears on the official coat of arms.)

One of the features of Bièvres is the active participation of its citizens in the life of their community. With a population of 5,112 the town boasts of over 50 different clubs and associations. Many events are organised throughout the year.

Bièvres is known for its Antique Tools Fair, its annual Strawberry Fair (with the election of a Strawberry Queen), and especially for its International Photography Fair organised by the Paris Val-de-Bièvre Photoclub every year on the first week-end in June. Bièvres is home to the internationally known French Photography Museum, founded in 1964 by photography buffs Jean and André Fage, in honour of Nicéphore Niépce. The museum is now run by the Department of Essonne and houses more than 450,000 historical documents and artefacts having belonged to famous photographers from Daguerre onward.