Photo Fair Awards

Each year a panel of professional photographers grants awards to outstanding work chosen from among the over 100 participants in the artists’ market, with their different approaches, styles and techniques. Prizes include the Jean and André Fage Award for auteur photography, the Young Photographers’ Award for photographer(s) under 30, the Black and White (Film) Photography Award and a number of Honourable Mention awards. The awards are endowed by generous sponsors and receive considerable media attention.

In previous years, well known personalities such as Sabrina Biancuzzi, Isabelle Lévistre, Quinn Joacobson and Michaël Duperrin were similarly recognized. The 2019 winner was a young photograper, Alice Pellerin-Vasconcelos.

Jury 2019

Dimitri Beck © Alizé Le Maoult

Dimitri Beck will preside over the jury of the Artists’ Market at the 56th edition of the Fair. Members of the jury, chosen by its president, will choose from among exhibitors in the Artists’ Market one recipient of the Jean and André Fage award and up to five other winners of awards including the Young Photographer’s Award and a prize for analogue or old process photography.

This will represent a return to his roots for Dimitri Beck, who was a member of the Paris-Val de Bièvre Photoclub back in the days of Jean Fage. Since then, he has enjoyed a remarkable career as a free-lance journalist, often travelling in Central Asia and the Caucasus. Having fallen in love with the region and enjoying the support of Reza, he accepted a posting to Kabul where he directed the Aina Photo Agency, helping to train and promote the work of Afghan photo reporters. At he same time, he was editor-in-chief of the bilingual magazine “Les Nouvelles de Kabul/New Afghanistan”.

At present Dimitri Beck is photography director at Polka (magazine, gallery and multimedia platform), which he co-founded in 2008 with the Genestar family. He also lectures at the School of Journalism at Sciences-Po University in Paris and is often called upon to speak at conferences, as well as giving a weekly talk on photography-related events on France Info radio.