About us

Founded in 1949 by Jean and André Fage, the Paris Val-de-Bièvre Photoclub has 280 members, including some 40 volunteer instructors and two branches, one in the 14th arrondissement of Paris, the other in Bièvres.

The Photoclub organised the first International Photo Fair in 1964, and has continued in June of every year since, with the support of the Bièvres municipal authorities and numerous corporate sponsors. Since the year 2000, the club also holds the annual Daguerre International Salon, recognized for its quality by the most important photography federations. Several thousand photographs are received each year, in print or digital format, from throughout the world.

In its Paris branch, the Photoclub holds various activities: black and white and digital laboratories, digital post-production facilities, critiques of photographic works, technical and artistic photography courses, and workshops on studio shooting, lomography, shooting with live models, photo stories, nature photography, photographic essays, series, films, photo-of-the-day …

It organises photography outings and visits to photography exhibitions in museums and galleries. Each year over a dozen exhibitions by members are held in the Daguerre gallery.

At the Bièvres branch, the Photoclub organises photography critiques, post-production workshops, portrait studios and exhibitions.

The Photoclub participates in the major competitions organised by the French Photography Federation and Works in partnership with Clubs based in the 14th arrondissement of Paris, with the local municipal authorities and also with the Ashiya Club in Japan, with whom it organises exchanges and exhibitions. Recently, it has developed partnerships with the Royal Photo-Club of Mons, Belgium.

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